What Is Propylene Glycol?

A synthetic liquid substance, propylene glycol absorbs water. It tends to be used to make various polyester compounds as well as a base for deicing solutions. It can be used by various industries as an effective anti-freeze, particularly where leakage could lead to contact with the food. At room temperature, the substance is colourless, clear and syrupy in texture. It can exist in the air in vapour form. However it must be heated or shaken to produce a vapour.

What Can Proplene Gylcol USP Be Used For?

This product can be suitable for a wide range of usages including:

  • Personal care
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals

If you are using this product it is essential that this does match the specifications of the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia).

The product is manufactured with strict monitoring for both safe handling and quality.

This product is approved and qualified for use with pharmaceutical applications. It can act as an extractant as well as a solvent for numerous active ingredients. Due to its dispersant capacity, it can also provide equal distribution for the medicine ingredient within the formulation.

For pharmaceutical purposes, this product can be used in medicine, anaesthetics, hormones, vaccines, antiseptics and vitamins.

When used as an aircraft or runway de-icing agent, thsi product can enter into the atmosphere. However, it is not likely to exist in large quantities. It is not considered to be harmful.