Epoxy Resin water clear casting Full Kit 3kg

£58.99 Inc VAT

24hr Cure Time Crystal Clear

This Epoxy resin stater kit is great for beginners as it also includes:

Gloves, Mixing pot, Stirring sticks and most important Instructions on how to use!


For hard-wearing, ultra-glossy coatings on floors, bartops, artwork and furniture.

Pour clear over penny floors or artwork, or add pigment and metallic effects for stunning resin-art, creative flooring and counter-tops.

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ChemDistro is the world-famous clear epoxy coating resin used to create stunning glossy coatings on existing floors, decorative floors, artwork, bar-tops, counter-tops and furniture. Chemdistro Brand resin is easy-to-use, hard-wearing, self-levelling and has excellent UV resistance.

Choose Chemdistro for any project where a relatively thin but flat, glossy surface is the most important requirement. This is because chemdistro uses special additives which keep the surface of the resin super-flat and glossy, however these additives start to affect the clarity of the resin once it’s more than around 5mm thick making it the perfect resin for floors.

ChemDistro Recommended Uses

  • Penny Floors
  • Decorative floors (adding pigments and metallic powders)
  • Bartops and Kitchen Worktops (with or without pigments and effects)
  • Resin-art (adding pigments, tints and other effects)
  • Furniture (such as resin plank tables)
  • Agate coasters
  • Artwork and Resin Art (coating art, photography and more)

ChemDistro Advantages

Chemdistro  has been developed to be as easy to use and reliable as possible. Special additives used in the resin mean the cured surface is as flat and glossy as possible, unbeaten by any other resin on the market. Chemdistro professional resin also uses advanced resin technology to expel trapped air-bubbles whilst it cures, meaning that jobs where a heat-gun or blowtorch can’t be used – such as a large floor – can still be completed with glorious bubble-free resin.

To prevent yellowing or discolouration, Chemdistro  uses an industry leading UV resistant formulation which ensures that it will continue to look fantastic for years to come. Even so, ChemDistro resins are only recommended for indoor applications.

Once fully cured, ChemDistro  is incredibly hard-wearing, similar to the toughness of epoxies used in warehouse or industrial flooring! If the resin does eventually start to get marked by daily use, it can be polished back up to a mirror finish using specialist polishing compounds.

  • Very clear with incredible flat, glossy surface finish
  • Easy-to-use, self-releases trapped air bubbles
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Very tough and scratch-resistant
  • Trusted by thousands of users worldwide!

How to Use

ChemDistro has been developed for professional users to produce the best results possible. It is not a ‘craft’ product and not intended for children. Before purchase, storage or use you must read the safety and technical data. Having said that, ChemDistro is incredibly easy-to-use and delivers fantastic results under a wide range of conditions.

ChemDistro is sold as a kit which includes both the resin and hardener. Take a look at our Resin Calculator to work out how much ChemDistro you need for your project. When you are ready to pour, measure the resin and hardener at the correct ratio and mix thoroughly. Add any pigments or effects and then pour the resin – no more than about 5mm deep – onto your prepared floor, surface or artwork. The resin will reach initial cure in around 24hrs.

Getting More Creative – Pigments, Tints and Metallics

Although ChemDistro is often used completely clear – over existing flooring or a wooden table-top, for example – it is also compatible with our complete range of tints, pigments and metallic-effect powders. Many other colours and powders can be added too but be sure to conduct a test to ensure compatibility.


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