Epoxy Resin water clear casting Full Kit 150g

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24hr Cure Time Crystal Clear 

This Epoxy resin stater kit is great for beginners as it also includes:

Gloves, Mixing pot, Stirring sticks and most important Instructions on how to use!


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Chemdistro clear epoxy resin is used to create glossy coatings on bar tops-counter tops, furniture (such as resin plank tables) etc. It is easy to use, very hard wearing and self levelling, making it the perfect resin for floors and decorative floors (adding pigments and metallic powders). Also, resin-art (adding pigments, tints and other effects).

It has excellent UV resistance preventing yellowing or discolouration, although only recommended for indoor applications. It self-releases trapped air bubbles making large areas where a heat gun can’t be used, can be bubble free.

ChemDistro clear epoxy resin is sold as a kit which includes resin and hardener, latex gloves, mixing pot and x2 stirring sticks. It is a very easy to use kit although it is still not recommend for the use if children. When you are ready to pour, measure the resin and hardener at the correct ratio and mix thoroughly for 5 minutes (setting a stop watch is recommended). Add any pigments or effects and pour resin no more then 10mm at a time onto a prepared floor, artwork etc. The resin will reach an initial cure in around 24hrs.

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