Acetone 25 Litre

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Acetone is the industry-standard cleaning solution used for tools and brushes and is the recommended solvent for removing wax and grease from surfaces in preparation for them to be primed, bonded, or repaired. Acetone is not able to remove resin from tools, brushes or surfaces after the resin has set and is not recommended for thinning resins or gel coats due to the possibility of added pinholes and yellowing. It is possible to use acetone as a thinner for resin this is not recommended. It is considered to be a far better idea to use styrene for this purpose instead.

Acetone is highly flammable and the same care taken with other flammable liquids should be taken when using it. You should always take care when using acetone as inhalation can cause a number of health problems and contact with acetone can also damage your skin. The use of a mask and gloves while using acetone at any time is highly recommended.

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