What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is a material that you can use for a variety of purposes; it is formed by mixing together two components that are similar to one another. If the resin liquid is added to what is called a hardener that is suitable then a chemical reaction will occur that will usually last a few hours. Once these components are mixed together not only is heat created as a by-product, but the resin will then be created and go from liquid to a solid-state.

Delving into this world can be confusing as there are many different forms of epoxy resin which would be used for different scenarios, the different resins will harden differently whether that be hardening slower or faster and some instances becoming more solid than other resins. Different properties can be flowability, maximum thickness needed for application per casting, how adhesive they are on different surfaces, and how hard they become once fully cured.

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What can Epoxy Resin be used for?

Due to the epoxy resin being so versatile it can be used for a number of applications here are a few of the things ot can be used for:

  • Stone carpet fixing whether that is inside or outside
  • Sealing kitchen worktops and making them cut resistant
  • Creating cutting boards with a mixture of resin and wood
  • Making jewellery with resin pendants
  • Epoxy resin art projects
  • Casting moulds and figures
  • Creating decorative items
  • Resin furniture such as tables
  • Resin flooring for showers
  • Using for waterproofing on outdoor buildings
  • Casting artefacts or fossils
  • Used as a glue for repairing small parts
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What to think about when buying resin

Most DIY stores stock resins so the choice can be quite broad but even broader when you try and purchase it online. If you are just getting started using epoxy resin then you may be put off by the price and the vast selection of products, make sure when purchasing you are not just going for the cheapest products available as this means that you could be getting a product that is more inferior in quality, this then leads to poor results when using it which can also put you off resin or actually mean you end up spending more money. Along with this, the cheaper resins can include more potent solvents that can be hazardous to health, and the curing process can be affected, and it takes longer for the epoxy to cure and harden. The cheaper options usually will not be the crystal clear look you are looking for and can have a yellowy tinge which can intensify when exposed to sunlight so this is something to bear in mind should you be using it outside and need a clear resin.

How to know what you need for a project

The main thing to do when finding resin for a specific project is to read the description for the resin you are looking to purchase as this will advise what surfaces the resin bonds well with and the viscosity it has for filling in a mould or gap, it will also advise drying time so if you need a quick hardening one look for those.

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