Antifreeze plays an essential role in the running of a wide variety of vehicles in order to maintain their engine’s health. Added to an engine’s cooling system, antifreeze prevents the water inside it from freezing under normal cold weather conditions. Antifreeze is often a concentrated product based on glycol with certain types requiring dilution before it can be used. This diluted liquid is usually called coolant.

Modern car engines are smaller and have higher operating temperatures than in the past which means that the use of the correct additive is all the more important. Without antifreeze, your vehicle’s engine could suffer serious damage, particularly in the radiator if water freezes and expands, splitting radiators and even breaking engine cases.

Antifreeze also prevents scale build-up and protects the engine against corrosion. It also prevents damage to pipe-work and other important components. Antifreeze is designed to provide protection for up to -37 degrees Celsius and is suitable for both petrol and diesel engine systems.

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